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                Investing in massage is an investment in your                                                                    health and well-being.

                             * The Family Touch Massage Packages *

Get the most for your health while getting the most for your dollar!

Ready-made packages available or create your own.


                           * Sparkling Touch Aromatherapy Massage *  $90

PAIN RELEASE!      Emotional Boost!     Relaxation!      HEALTH POWER-UP!

                                            Feel terrifically healthy! 

Charlene is a certified Aromatouch Technique therapist and has been trained in the specific steps designed to stimulate the healing networks of your body. Not only is this treatment recommended for keeping your immune network in tip-top working order, it can also aid immuno-reconstruction for those suffering from serious, debilitating illnesses! This is Charlene's personal favorite treatment!


                      *Harmony of the Cells Aromatherapy Massage*  $90

Kick start the balance of your body's healing chemistry. Eight or more CPTG essential oils are specifically selected according to your health challenge. By affecting your lymphatic system your healing experience will be natural, safe and effective. Get back on the right track to good health.



                                 Reviving Swedish Massage  

Treat yourself to tranquility and relaxation with our classic full body Swedish massage. You'll experience fewer aches and pains, greater flexibility, and more restful sleep as a few of the benefits of this traditional massage.

              ~30 minutes $50             ~75 minutes $110                    ~150 minutes  $210

               ~45 minutes $70          ~90 minutes $130                   ~180 minutes  $250

               ~60 minutes $90            ~120 minutes $170


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                                    Deep Tissue Massage

 Your individual needs determine the design of this healing treatment session. Your therapist will use deliberate, firm strokes to realign muscle fibers so you can realize improved range of motion and increased circulation.

               ~ 30 minutes $70       ~ 60 minutes $130       ~ 90 minutes $190


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 **Please note that we can now accept cash, check, or credit card. 





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