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Welcome to Family Touch Massage! 

Family Touch Massage is dedicated to empowering you to restore and maintain your best physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our goal is your pain relief and your increased vigor. We will do this by using massage, aromatherapy, and other natural means. And we will teach you simple methods to use at home.

At Family Touch Massage you'll find relaxation, pain relief and healthy lifestyle education!

Choose to add the healing properties of CPTG essential oils to your session. Better yet, schedule a HealingTouch treatment for stress relief, immune support, inflammatory reduction and peaceful balance. It's just the right remedy for "what's going around", whether you've simply been exposed or just can't shake it off!

Indulge yourself in refreshment and rejuvenation as you experience calming music and soothing lighting during any of your sessions. Then enjoy better and more restful sleep at home.

Or let us help your infant sleep better through the night so you can feel more refreshed in the morning. Or, perhaps, your child suffers from colic? We'll teach you gentle and effective massage techniques that will give your little one, and you, the comfort you both deserve!

Are you suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis or golfer's elbow, insomnia, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome?  Massage can help to alleviate your symptoms. Remember, pain relief is our goal! You'll enjoy life again, and get back to your regular activities as soon as possible!

Did you overdo it or injure yourself in the garden or playing sports?  We can help you heal and enjoy free movement again, more quickly.

Are you recovering from back, shoulder, knee or hip surgery with more pain and stiffness than you bargained for?  Let us help you enjoy pain-free life again!

 Schedule a couple's massage for Date Night or for an exceptional celebration with your special someone!

Gift Certificates and Coupons for massage are always an original and appreciated gift!



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